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Keeping you cool, wherever you travel

Air Conditioning

In a warm and sunny climate such as the UAE, a fully-functional air-conditioning system is essential for keeping your cool on the roads. Regular maintenance of your cs A/C unit will ensure that it keeps your car feeling fresh all year round. At AutoPro, our experts will check your A/C system’s gas levels, and make sure everything is in good working order.

Air conditioning services

● Full electrical works

● Diagnostics and repairs

● Re-gassing

● Natural Vehicle Disinfection

NEW at AutoPro: Natural Vehicle Disinfection

Now available at selected AutoPro locations across the UAE, our all-new Natural Vehicle Disinfection Service is a safe and natural solution for your vehicle. The German-patented product uses ANOSAN ECO® Natural Disinfection to disinfect and deodorise your interior and A/C system, offering an effective solution to combat a variety of health and hygiene challenges. Eliminating up to 99.99% of all germs on exposed interiors and A/C systems, the service not only prolongs the life of your A/C compressor, but also offers a marked improvement in in-car air quality. Drivers and passengers alike can expect a reduction in symptoms related to poor air quality or build-up of mould and allergens, such as headaches, fatigue after driving and breathing issues.


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