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Finding and fitting the best tyres for your vehicle


The right set of tyres can have a big impact on your driving experience and your safety. At autopro, we stock a wide range of the world’s premium tyre brands. Our tyre experts offer free, impartial advice to help you choose the perfect set to suit your car, driving style and budget.

FREE SERVICES with every set of 4 tyres purchased

Free Wheel alignment

Free Tyre rotation

Free Wheel balancing

Free Tire mounting

Free Nitrogen fill

Our Brands

We sell a wide range of the best tyre brands in the world, including Pirelli, Bridgestone, Dunlop and Continental, and have different sizes and styles to fit every vehicle.


Tyre tips

How long do tyres last?
There is no fixed lifespan for tyres, however it is illegal to keep tyres longer than 5 years in the UAE (even if they are unused). The mileage of your tyres may be affected by a number of factors, including: climate, road conditions, and

The depth of the treads on your tyres can affect your braking, acceleration and handling. In the UAE, the minimum legal depth for tyre treads is 1.6mm for light vehicles.

Check your tyre pressure
Tyres should always be inflated to the correct pressure to ensure optimum performance and safety. The RTA recommends that you check your tyre pressure every three weeks. To find the correct pressure for your car, check your vehicle’s user manual.
Tyre condition
You should also regularly check your tyres’ condition. Look out for general signs of wear, punctures and cracks. If you see any damage or worn areas, it’s time to invest in a new set.

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