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Air Conditioning

In a warm and sunny climate such as the UAE, a fully-functional air-conditioning system is essential for keeping your cool on the roads. Regular maintenance of your cs A/C unit will ensure that it keeps your car feeling fresh all year round. At AutoPro, our experts will check your A/C system’s gas levels, and make sure everything is in good working order.

Air conditioning services

● Full electrical works

● Diagnostics and repairs

● Re-gassing

● Natural Vehicle Disinfection

NEW at AutoPro: Natural Vehicle Disinfection

Now available at selected AutoPro locations across the UAE, our all-new Natural Vehicle Disinfection Service is a safe and natural solution for your vehicle. The German-patented product uses ANOSAN ECO® Natural Disinfection to disinfect and deodorise your interior and A/C system, offering an effective solution to combat a variety of health and hygiene challenges. Eliminating up to 99.99% of all germs on exposed interiors and A/C systems, the service not only prolongs the life of your A/C compressor, but also offers a marked improvement in in-car air quality. Drivers and passengers alike can expect a reduction in symptoms related to poor air quality or build-up of mould and allergens, such as headaches, fatigue after driving and breathing issues.


Book the exclusive Bridgestone offer starting from AED 3,460 and use it later at your convenience.
Terms And Conditions Apply
The offer is applicable for 2021 Nissan Patrol and includes free services worth AED 780.

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